Skanbhp operates on the market since December 2001.

We are offering inter alia:

  • wielding of duties of Service of Safety and the Hygiene of Work and fireprotection;
  • employers and workers training in the field of the labour law, Service of Safety and the Hygiene of Work and fireprotection;
  • forklift operators training (fork trolleys, raising, jack, tractor, special);
  • auditing in range of warnings of recipes of safety and the hygiene of work and the fire-fighting protection;
  • executing of estimation of the occupational hazard in positions of work;
  • making of full after-accidental documentation;
  • help in realization of orders and the pronouncements of State Inspection of Work and the State Sanitary Inspection;
  • creating on individual rungs the post instructions in structures of firm’
  • measurements of the energy expense with special MWE instrument – 1 on the C.I.O.P licence;
  • advising and consultations above-mentioned issues;
  • consulting in the range of the labour law;

• Trainings are able to be conducted in the company of the client, as in business premises.

• Our company is active on whole Poland teritory.

The company possesses the certyficate and the programme no 585/VIII/2002 confirmed by the Centre of the Improvement of Personnel at Ministry of the Economy in Mysłowice.


Tel.: +48(42) 611 16 50
         +48 603 851 400

e-mail: biuro@skanbhp.pl (Internet: www.skanbhp.pl)         

We invite You to co-operation. We offer attractive way of establishing the prices, as well as the forms and terms of payment.